Tennant R3

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Brand: Tennant

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Tennant R3 with ReadySpace Commercial Walk Behind Carpet Extractor is a Refurbished Used Tennant R3 Carpet Extractor features ReadySpace Technology - Tennant's patented carpet cleaning system which utilizes one hard brush and one soft brush which work together to fully lift soil from carpets and have them ready for foot traffic in 30 minutes. The Tennant R3 is hygenic, designed to keep your carpets clean and ready for foot traffic, while also preserving the quality of environment. Small enough to fit under desks and betwee obstacles, the Tennant R3 carpet extractor is great for spaces such as hotel rooms, offices, retail spaces, etc. Features include: A debris tray to prevent clogging, ergonomic adjustable handle, hygenic easy dump tanks, and simple operation controls.