Nobles Scout 28 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper

Nobles Scout 28 Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper. This battery operated floor sweeper offers a main broom combined with a side broom to create a sweeping machine that is effective on both carpeted as well as hard-surfaced floors. Because it is battery powered, you can operate the Scout 28 without worrying about having an outlet to plug it into. It charges via an off-board charger.

Scout 28 utilizes a filter which catches dust particles and prevents then from being expelled back into the air. Debris collects in the lightweight hopper. 28 inch Sweeping Path: Main broom with a curb brush for additional coverage. Self-propelled .25 HP drive motor. Battery Powered by a 12 volt 80 ah battery. Off-board charger. Great for large carpeted areas and hard surfaces.