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Free Shipping on Replacement Parts Orders Over $99 in U.S. Lower 48 States
Free Shipping on Replacement Parts Orders Over $99 in U.S. Lower 48 States

About SweepScrub.com

Who is SweepScrub

Welcome to SweepScrub.com, where we set the standard in the distribution of high-quality commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, and OEM/Aftermarket replacement parts. We offer an extensive range of refurbished floor scrubbers and sweepers, from walk-behind units to ride-on models. Our diverse inventory also includes a variety of commercial and industrial cleaning tools such as carpet extractors, buffers, and wet/dry vacuums.

Why Do Customers Choose SweepScrub?

We’re here to serve you, the ones who get it done. More than 3.5 million customers rely on our:

  • Wide range of products: SweepScrub has what you need – over 500,000 floor scrubbers, sweepers, vacuums, carpet extractors and replacement parts
  • Helpful support: Live-person support by phone, online chat or email
  • Our One-Stop Shop: SweepScrub.com aims to be your exclusive provider for all your floor cleaning needs. Whether you have a small space or a large facility, we have machines and solutions for every budget. In addition to sales, we offer rental services and welcome trade-ins.

SweepScrub's Commitment to Quality

Quality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business. We are committed to providing the best new and refurbished equipment from renowned brands like Tennant, Advance and Karcher while providing our customers with cost savings through our extensive aftermarket part and consumable offerings.

Meet Our Team

Our team is dedicated to providing rapid and effective customer service, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. We offer free parts quotations, parts and operator manuals for convenient printing, providing all the resources necessary for the lifespan of your floor machine.

Jerry Pavlic

Jerry Pavlic - Director of Sales & Operations

My professional experience spans over 10 years in a variety of roles and capacities in the floor care industry both in manufacturing and distribution. SweepScrub allows me to see through the eyes of many different customers ranging from a single operator to an international client. This allows me to stay ontop of industry trends, changing customer demands and expectations, while enhancing our company culture for our employees.


Randy Lively- Sales Manager

After having been in the floor care equipment industry since 1999 in various capacities from a manufacturer’s aales representative to a distributor sales representative, to an equipment specialist, and now as a sales manager, I enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve gained to help our customers pick the right machine for their project and the most cost effective equipment for their wallet. I also enjoy learning from the professionals that purchase from us, and ever expanding my own knowledge. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


Chris Baltz- Operations Manager

Since joining the workforce when I was a teenager, every company that I have worked for always preached teamwork or to be a “team player”. It wasn’t until I joined SweepScrub many years ago that I had really seen or experienced true teamwork in my opinion. From watching the technicians work together to rebuild a machine that is rusted and beat up, then turning it into something that looks like it rolled off the factory floor, all the way to the customer service team coming together to solve an issue or make our processes quicker and more efficient, even the leadership team is down in the trenches with everyone else to work through any of the challenges that our team faces. I have never seen so many people work together so seamlessly. It is a beautiful thing and makes me quite proud to be a part of it.


April Polston- Ecommerce Specialist

At Sweepscrub, I enjoy getting the chance to assist a variety of customers with different questions, needs and requests. Almost no two situations or questions are the same, which can guarantee that every day will present itself with the chance for me to learn something new. It is also very fulfilling to get to help our customers, knowing how vital cleaning equipment and supplies are to every business.


Reagan Roper- Ecommerce Specialist

I believe that working for SweepScrub has given me the opportunity to refine my skills, learn from experienced professionals, and has contributed to delivering exceptional experiences to customers. I am grateful to be a part of a team that consistently strives for excellence. 


Trevor Johnston- Senior Technician 

I find immense satisfaction in the art of revitalizing equipment, witnessing its transformation from its initial state to its polished completion. The camaraderie shared with fellow technicians and the collaborative spirit within the Sweepscrub.com Team further enhances my overall enjoyment of the time spent here.


What industries does SweepScrub serve?

Education, government, healthcare, hospitality, tourism, building service contractors, and many more.

Connect With Us

Discover the SweepScrub.com difference. Contact us at 866-766-5553 or help@sweepscrub.com to find the perfect floor cleaning solution, or shop online securely. At SweepScrub.com, we don’t just sell equipment; we provide comprehensive solutions to keep your spaces immaculate.