Industrial Floor Sweepers for Sale



Used Tennant industrial floor sweepers are used to clean a broad spectrum of surfaces, and debris. They can be used on asphalt, concrete, wood, and carpet, etc. Preowned floor sweepers can be used to pick up broken glass, sand, sawdust, gravel, sand, paper and a host of other debris.'s used industrial sweepers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

There are walk-behind (push) sweepers and rider (ride-on) sweepers. For the best in used Tennant floor sweepers give a call. View this page for information on selecting the right size floor sweeper for the job. SweepScrub proudly stocks Tennant and Nobles spare replacement parts such as squeegees, filters, scrubbing brushes, batteries, battery chargers and all other factory parts because we area direct dealer for Tennant. We can provide parts for many other brands like Nilfisk Advance, Clarke, Factory Cat, Windsor, Pioneer Eclipse and more. 

Walk Behind MachinesRider Machines

Viper PS480 Walk Behind Sweeper
Tennant S3 Manual Sweeper - New Unit Sold out
Nobles Scout 24 Sweeper - Refurbished
Tennant S6 / S7 Walk-Behind Battery Sweepers
New Tennant S5 Battery Powered Floor Sweeper
IPC Eagle SmarVac 664

IPC Eagle SmarVac 664

New Clarke BSW 28 Battery Floor Sweeper
New Nilfisk Advance Terra 28B Industrial Floor Sweeper
New Nilfisk Advance SW900 Walk Behind Industrial Sweeper
Tennant 6100
Tennant 6200 Battery Sweeper - Refurbished
New Nilfisk Advance Terra 4300B Compact Rider Sweeper
Tennant 6400 Propane - Refurbished
Tennant S30 Propane Powered Rider Sweeper - Refurbished