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Tennant T12

SweepScrub has the newest technology from Tennant.  The used Tennant T12 floor scrubber can handle large commercial jobs as well some smaller industrial facilities.  The cleaning path on the Tennant T12 is 32" (41" with side scrubbing brush), and it comes in either cylindrical or disk scrub configurations.  Heavy duty dual 1 horsepower brush motors deliver excellent cleaning performance.  The Tennant T12 solution tank is 35 gallon, and the recovery tank is 53 gallons (including a 9 gal demisting chamber).  The used Tennant T12 scrubber is a battery powered unit for quiet operation.  If fitted with a cylindrical scrub head the T12 scrubber can function as a light duty sweeper/scrubber combination unit.  SweepScrub also stocks Tennant and Nobles replacement parts, spare parts and aftermarket parts such as brushes, filters and squeegees for used Tennant T12 floor scrubbers and other Tennant, Nobles, Advance, NSS and Pioneer Eclipse floor cleaning equipment.