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Tennant T5

This mid-size walk behind used Tennant T5 floor scrubber comes in a variety of cleaning path sizes. It is available in a 24", 28", or 32" disc scrub head, as well as 26", and 32" cylindrical.  SweepScrub's used Tennant T5 scrubbers have fully hygienic tanks that make cleanout easier than ever. This preowned floor scrubber is great for schools, healthcare or cleaning contractors.  All of our preowned Tennant T5 floor scrubbers have been thoroughly checked out by certified technicians and come with warranties.


  • Choose from disk or cylindrical scrubbing in a range of cleaning path widths on this mid-sized scrubber.
  • Increase productivity with optional, sealed batteries that will provide up to 4.5 hours of runtime and contain potential battery leaks.
  • Clean longer on a single tank of water with ec-H2O NanoClean®technology or FaST® Foam-activated Scrubbing Technology.
  • Reduce mold, bacteria, and odors with Tennant’s easy-to-clean, removable Hygenic® tank.
  • Maximize solution recovery — even on 180 degree turns — with Tennant’s innovative squeegee design.
Tennant T5
Tennant T5 Save 3%
Tennant T5 32" Cylindrical Standard - Refurbished

Tennant T5 32" Cylindrical Standard - Refurbished

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Tennant T5
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