Low Speed Buffers


Low Speed Buffers

SweepScrub's used low speed buffers are typically used to clean, scrub or strip floors.  When used with softer pads like white pads along with spray buff, a good quality used low speed floor machine can be used to restore some gloss to a floor finish on a viny composition tile.  However, this is not common as there are now very good preowned high speed burnishers available that make this task easier.  Used low speed buffers also go by other names such as swing machines, side-to-side machines and standard floor machines to name a few.  When used with soft brushes or red floor pads they can be used to clean a floor with a pH nuetral or an all purpose cleaner.  When used with stiffer brushes or blue or green floor pads, they can be used along with an all purpose floor cleaner to top scrub or deep scrub a floor that may or may not have floor finish applied to it.  When used with heavy duty stripping brushes or black, aggressive floor pads along with a commercial grade floor finish stripper low speed floor machines can be used to completely strip floor finish from a vinyl composition tile or stone floor. SweepScrub also stocks Tennant and Nobles replacement parts, spare parts and aftermarket parts such as brushes, filters and squeegees for used Tennant low speed buffers and other Tennant, Nobles, Advance, NSS and Pioneer Eclipse floor cleaning equipment.
Tennant / Nobles Speed F 14 / SQ 14 Orbital Floor Machine
Clarke CFP Pro 17HD Low Speed Floor Buffer
Viper Venom VN1715 Low Speed Floor Buffer
Tennant / Nobles FM-20-SS - Demo Unit
Viper Venom VN2015 Low Speed Floor Buffer
Clarke CFP Pro 20DS Dual Speed Floor Buffer
Viper Venom VN20DS Dual Speed HD Floor Buffer
Clarke CFP Pro 20HD Low Speed Floor Buffer
New Nilfisk Advance Pacesetter Floor Machine
Clarke FM40 ST Electric Orbital Floor Machine
Clarke FM40 LX Electric Orbital Floor Machine
New Nilfisk Advance FM810 ST XP Orbital Floor Machines
Tennant / Nobles FM-20-SS - Demo Unit
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