Walk-behind Scrubbers

Used Tennant, Nobles and Advance floor scrubbing machines are used to clean a variety of conditions and commerical and industrial environments.  They can be used in healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, schools, etc.  Tennant industrial floor scrubber can be used in all kinds of environments. The primary purpose of a used Tennant floor scrubber is to safely apply cleaning solution to the floor, scrub the soils clean and then to efficiently pick up the dirty solution before the operator walks or drives beyond the area.

SweepScrub.com's used floor scrubbers are available in both walk behind (push), as well as ride on.  Used walk behind floor scrubbers range from 17” to 36”, and riders that start at 26” and go up to 50” in size.  For the best deals on used Tennant floor scrubbers give us a call at the number on top of the page. Determine the right size scrubber for your needs.

Walk Behind ScrubbersRider Scrubbers