Advance Captor 4800

Advance Captor 4800B & 4800 AXP Battery Powered Rider Sweeper/Scrubber

The Advance Captor is a dual-purpose machine, it scrubs and sweeps up to a 48-inch path, using both functions together, or independently. With its dual side brooms down, it can sweep a 60-inch path and cover 163,700 feet per hour. It is capable of lifting 500 pounds in the steel hopper as high as 60 inches in order to empty into a standard dumpster. 

Dust is screened through a panel filter and is shaken back into the hopper for disposal. Using the (3) 17 inch brushes, (or optional four 14 inch brushes for the 54 inch version), you may scour a floor using three levels of brush down pressures to achieve maximum cleaning results. A curved vacuum squeegee retrieves dirty solution and wipes the floor clean.

Advance Captor 4800

Advance Captor 4800B & 4800B AXP - Refurbished

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Advance Captor 4800 Propane Powered Rider Sweeper/Scrubber
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