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Tennant M30

SweepScrub's used Tennant M30 sweeper/scrubber is similar in every way to the popular M20 only this is even larger. The preowned Tennant M30 is a new style integrated sweeper/scrubber that eliminates half of the parts needed for traditional sweeper/scrubbers. This amazing cleaning machine uses one set of brushes to perform both the sweeping and scrubbing functions needed to clean a facility. The M30 can operate in either sweep mode without cleaning solution in order to sweep debris up, or it can operate in scrub mode.

Cleaning Path:  48 IN /1220 MM, 62 IN / 1575 MM, 64 IN / 1625 MM
Solution Tank Capacity:  75 GAL / 284 L, 100 GAL / 379 L
Hopper Capacity:  7 CUBIC FT / 198 L
Tennant M30
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