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Tennant M20

 SweepScrub's used Tennant M20 is a new style integrated sweeper/scrubber that eliminates half of the parts needed for traditional sweeper/scrubbers.  This amazing cleaning machine uses one set of brushes to perform both the sweeping and scrubbing functions needed to clean a facility.  The preowned Tennant M20 can operate in either sweep mode without cleaning solution in order to sweep debris up, or it can operate in scrub mode.  The used Tennant M20 has a 40" cleaning path, and can reach up to 54" with a side scrubbing brush or 56" with a side sweeping brush.  The main brushes turn at 480 rpm and can produce up to 390 lbs of down pressure.  The Tennant M20 boasts a 56 gallon solution tank and an 89 gallon recovery tank.  The hopper is a respectable 3.9 cubic feet with a payload of 390 lbs of trash that can be lifted up to 60" for dumping. The power plant is run by a 55 hp 1.6 L gas/lpg engine.  SweepScrub also stocks Tennant and Nobles replacement parts, spare parts and aftermarket parts such as brushes, filters and squeegees for used Tennant M20 sweeper/scrubbers and other Tennant, Nobles, Advance, NSS and Pioneer Eclipse floor cleaning equipment.