Advance Micromatic 17E/17B Walk-Behind Scrubber

Micromatic™ M17 walk-behind automatic scrubbers are compact and durable, and an affordable way to bridge the gap between a mop and bucket and larger automatic scrubbers. The Micromatic M17 is easy to use and maneuver with little to no training. Simply turn on the scrubber and you are ready to clean with hospital-quiet operation. Plus, compact size and a built-in transport wheel make it easily portable.

The Micromatic M17 is ideal for cleaning small spaces, such as gas stations, schools, and health care facilities, that require less than 2 hours of scrubbing per day. Imagine the productivity gains when your operator uses the Micromatic M17 to clean an area in 20 minutes that used to take 2 hours with a mop and bucket.

Nilfisk Advance 9095808000

Nilfisk Advance 9095808000


Brush support. Fits Advance Adfinity 20D AXP, Micromax 17B. Fits Nilfisk Advance 9095808000 (alt # 9095808000)

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