Tennant 8200/8210

SweepScrub's used Tennant 8200 and 8210 riding sweeper/scrubbers are traditional sweeper/scrubbers in that they provide independent sweeping and scrubbing functions.  The two functions are separated and operated individually on these preowned Tennant sweeper/scrubbers.  This works better for some customers in that the operator can sweep up front but still have the option to use disc pads or brushes behind the sweeping mechanism.  The used Tennant 8200/8210 sweeper/scrubbers have a 50" cleaning path with a main brush length of 36".  The hopper volume is 7.8 cubic feet and holds up to 350 lbs of trash. The scrubbing system is available in either 40" or 48" disc.  The Tennant 8200/8210 sweeper/scrubber has 52 gallon solution and recovery tanks.  This machine comes in either 53 hp gas/lpg or 37.5 hp diesel engines. SweepScrub also stocks Tennant and Nobles replacement parts, spare parts and aftermarket parts such as brushes, filters and squeegees for used Tennant 8200/8210 and other Tennant, Nobles, Advance, NSS and Pioneer Eclipse floor cleaning equipment.

Tennant 8200

Tennant 8200/8210 - Refurbished

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