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Tennant 8410

The Tennant 8410 is a large, industrial strength sweeper/scrubber capable of cleaning large indoor or outdoor areas.  The sweeping path is a robust 60" with a 2 speed main 45" broom that runs at either 400 or 500 rpm. The 23" side sweeping broom also runs at 2 speeds (85 or 105 rpm).  The industrial sized hopper on the Tennant 8410 sweeper/scrubber is an enormous 14 cubic foot and holds 1200 lb of debris.  The dump height is variable up to 60".  There is a two stage dust control filter system with a 74 square foot dust panel. The independent scrubbing system is a 48" wide disc running at 180 rpm with either 150, 300 or 450 lbs of down pressure.  The Tennant 8410 has 60 gallon solution and recovery tanks. The power plant options on the 8410 are an 83 hp GM gas/lpg or 49 hp Kubota engine. SweepScrub also stocks Tennant and Nobles replacement parts, spare parts and aftermarket parts such as brushes, filters and squeegees for used Tennant 8410 and other Tennant, Nobles, Advance, NSS and Pioneer Eclipse floor cleaning equipment.