Ride-On Sweeper/Scrubbers for Sale


Ride-On Sweeper/Scrubbers

Used Tennant Sweeper/Scrubbers can perform the functions of both picking up debris and wet scrubbing.  Even a smaller floor cleaner machine like the Tennant T5 can make cleaning easier if outfitted with a cylindrical scrub deck.  The cylindrical scrub decks have small hopper debris collection trays behind the scrub heads that collect nuts, bolts or even small rocks. 

Larger, industrial floor cleaning equipment like the Tennant M20 combines the best of full-sized industrial floor sweeper and floor scrubber machine  They can operate indpendently as a sweeper or scrubber depending on the settings you select on the control panel.  The fact that you don't need two machines to do the same cleaning task saves money and time for your facility.  There is no better used sweeper/scrubber than a preowned, refurbished Tennant sweeper/scrubber.  SweepScrub also stocks Tennant parts and Nobles parts.  We have all machine parts manuals online for free so that you can select the part you need for your machine.

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Nilfisk Advance CS7010 Industrial Sweeper Scrubber - New
Refurbished Tennant T15 36” Disk Battery Powered Rider Floor Scrubber
Tennant T20 Cylindrical Industrial Ride-On Floor Scrubber for Sale
Tennant T7 Cyclindrical

Tennant T7 32" Cylindrical - Refurbished

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Tennant T7 26" Disc Rider Scrubber + ECH2O - Refurbished
Tennant T20 Cylndrical Fast Propane - Refurbished

Tennant T20 Cylndrical Fast Propane - Refurbished

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